The Canadian Review of Policing Research

Vol 1 (2005)

Table of Contents

Issue 2005

Christopher Murphy
Future Directions in Community Policing: Evaluation of the Ottawa Police Service Community Police Centres
François Dumaine, Rick Linden
An Evaluation of the Neighbourhood Empowerment Team (NET): Edmonton Police Service
Monica Pauls
Securitizing Community Policing: Towards a Canadian Public Policing Model
Christopher Murphy
Active Supervision of the Patrol Function
Wayne Hanniman
Bank Robbery in Calgary
Lisa Schultz
Identifying the Skills of Effective Major Case Leaders
John C. House
The Criminal Exploitation of Women and Children
Peter Kratcoski, Lucille Kratcoski, Dilip Das
Information Sharing Among Canadian Police Departments: Trusting Individuals or Systems?
Marcel-Eugène LeBeuf
Knowledge Management Assessment for the Edmonton Police Service: Capturing, Sharing, Sustaining
Lee Weissling, Curtis Clarke, Kirby Wright
The Challenges of Leadership in a Divided Society: Policing in Northern Ireland
James Drennan
Reshaping Organizational Subjectivities in the RCMP: The Development of Alternative Dispute Resolution
John Edward Deukmedjian
Development Assistance and Police Reform: Programming Opportunities and Lessons Learned
Curt Taylor Griffiths, Yvon Dandurand, Vivienne Chin
Transnational Policing
James Sheptycki
The Ipperwash Inquiry: Research on Police Governance, Independence and Accountability
Margaret E. Beare, Tonita Murray